Our company is based in Beijing and Shu Zhou, China. Consisting of over 100 professionals in the industry, we also have over 500 workers, along with a design group based in China. Our products include expensive paintings, replicating emperor clothing’s, and various products such as necklaces and scarves. All of our products are handsewn in China by our expert embroiders, each with 10 to 40 years of experience. Each of our products can range from couple of days to 6 months for completion, made with 100% silk from the best in China. We are able to create products based from our own designs and are able to recreate designs from the emperor’s robes. Our professionals have their own choice to pick the colors and transfer the design onto these products, making each product unique and not reproducible. Very traditional techniques are used in the embroidery, including using hair embroidery and embroidery to get a realistic look of pearls. Various colored string are also used to get the soft transition of colors, making a harmonious, unified piece of art.